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Muscle Clocks Play a Role in Regulating Metabolism
Clara was interviewed by The Scientist, a popular science magazine, as part of an article on muscle clocks and their role in metabolism

Uncovering Metabolism’s Clockwork
Joseph Bass, MD, PhD, chief of Endocrinology, Metabolism and Molecular Medicine, focuses his research on illuminating how the body’s clocks regulate feeding behavior and glucose metabolism, and identifies how disruptions in that overarching circadian system play a role in metabolic disease.

Muscles Have Circadian Clocks That Control Exercise Response
Northwestern Medicine scientists have discovered circadian clocks in muscle tissue that control the muscle’s metabolic response and energy efficiency depending on the time of day.

How the Circadian Clock Controls Insulin and Blood Sugar Regulation in the Pancreas
Northwestern Medicine scientists pinpointed a master switch that orchestrates thousands of genetic pathways an internal body clock takes to dictate how and when our pancreas must produce insulin and control blood sugar